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Evergreen, CO


Miller Fine Art is an online gallery featuring the creative work of three different artists from the same family. Begun in the sandhills of western Nebraska, they drifted apart after taking different pathways. Presently, trails have converged in a unique collaboration of art and ideas. A diverse collection of original artwork by Bern, Dan and Dustin Miller is now available for purchase in a wide variety of prints.

Bern is a horseman and historian blessed with an unending flow of creativity. A western artist settled in Bridgeport Nebraska, his historically-themed renderings are elegant reminders of our fascinating past.

Dan is a searcher for truth and beauty with a love for nature. A colored pencil artist located in Evergreen Colorado, he documents his impressions of the local landscape through art, photography and writing.

Dustin is a versatile craftsman with an eye for detail. An art teacher based in Neosho Missouri, his paintings are heartfelt expressions of his compassion for all creatures, great and small.



Autumn on the Yampa River by Dan Miller


Genesee Bison Herd by Dan Miller


Abandoned Cabin by Dan Miller


The Moon by Lukas Miller


Gore Range Mountains by Lukas Miller


Peacock by Dustin Miller


Backlit Pine by Dan Miller


Beaver Brook by Dan Miller


Waverly Bridge by Lukas Miller


Swainson's Hawk by Lukas Miller


Glowing Aspen Groove by Dan Miller


Golden Foothills by Dan Miller


Bald Eagle Portrait by Lukas Miller


Stellar's Sea Eagle by Lukas Miller


Berthoud Pass by Dan Miller


Loveland Pass Lakes by Dan Miller


King of the Beasts by Dustin Miller


Evergreen Overlook by Dan Miller


Grazing Horses Nebraska by Dan Miller


Painted Lady Butterflies by Dustin Miller


Goliath Peak by Dan Miller


Mount Evans Winter Watercolor by Dan Miller


The Flatirons by Dustin Miller


Pass Lakes by Dan Miller


Gore Range Sketch by Dan Miller


Cub Creek Park by Dan Miller


Mount Sneffels Summer by Dan Miller


Little Bighorn Valley by Dan Miller


America by Dustin Miller


Guardian Angel by Dustin Miller


Sheep Lakes by Dan Miller


Wild Irises by Dan Miller


Pacific Ocean Sunset by Dan Miller


Goliath Peak Wildflowers by Dan Miller


Sneffels Range Spring Watercolor by Dan Miller


The Old Stump, Elk Ridge by Dan Miller


Forest Edge by Dan Miller


Moraine Park by Dan Miller


Lake Isabelle Storm by Dan Miller


Curious Red Fox by Dan Miller


Stellar's Jay Summer by Dan Miller


Palm Trees on the Pacific by Dan Miller


Oskar and Reggie by Dustin Miller


Red Rocks Park by Dan Miller


Mount Evans Wilderness by Dan Miller


Broad-tailed Humminbird by Dan Miller


Dugout Creek by Dan Miller


Dillon Reservoir by Dan Miller